2014 Defining Our Leaf Community

The Year of Learning

Taufan Suharsono
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Understanding The Community

We try to build interaction on growers level to know their problems, expectations, supply chain cultures, hierarchy, and more. Searching opportunities to help the growers community. 

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Launching Partnership Program

Our team brings up partnership model which acceptable & applicable to sustain the rajangan production. In the year 2014, we made a ‘Reckless Decision’ to facilitate 55 Ha total of 123 small growers, but we believe that every goodwill is an investment towards better future.

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Documentation & Strategic Mapping

Our first farmers database was created. Our team also mapped the area, centralized our crop input management to ease control, channeling distribution and allowing efficiency.

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Limiting Agrochemical Usage 

Our fieldtech learn from the expert, they tightly control agrochemical usages and responsible to ensure that our growers use CPA recommendation only for the right situation and for the right amount as last resort if mechanical approaches are already impossible.

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Managing Crop Input Distribution

We deliver the crop input straight to each grower. Our fieldtech also control fertilizers usage by re-collect the packaging after each fertilizing stages to ensure right amount of usage. With the right management, we believe our growers will have higher yield and quality. 

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Delivering the SRTP Messages

We want each and every of our tobacco growers realize the essence of our partnership program which not only about tobacco production. But we are producing tobacco with integrity that beneficial for the grower, community, environment, and all stakeholders in the area.

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Seed Production Learning

We have been blessed, It turns out that some of our growers are famous for their rajangan tobacco nursery and they welcome us to learn and creating opportunity rooms for improvements.

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Knowing Famer's Production Ways

In crop year 2014, Our fieldtech monitor each of our growers practices. We found that each farmers has their own practice and believe to produce their rajangan tobacco. Therefore Our Teams commit to standardize the production moduls which ensure GAP, EHS, NTRM, IPM, and SRTP in near future.  

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Penetratring Farmer's Community

Our company and all the growers agree that long term relation will be established if both side are in goodwill and can not be one sided. Thus, both parties ready to be proactive to overcome any problem, support each other toward crop success, long term mindset and respect each other.